Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Legal EYE - June 2016

The latest edition of Legal EYE has been published today. You can click here to view the latest edition. In this edition, we feature the following items:

Thank You for helping us raise £15,000 for Marie Curie

Our latest Marie Curie project has been a tremendous success all thanks to our fantastic clients and staff. If you would like to contribute, there's still time.  Just connect to the Scullion LAW Just Giving Page and make your donation. To access our page, click here.

Charmaine returns to ensure client care is at the course of everything we do

We are delighted to welcome Charmaine back to the team where she will focus on making the client journey as effective and successful as possible for all our clients and to build on our success following our Excellence in Client Care award at the recent Law Awards.

Our clients and staff are amazing!

We owe a debt of gratitude to all our clients and staff who helped us win the Excellence in Client Care Award. As a small token of our gratitude, we posted our thanks on a massive billboard that can be viewed from Townhead Street, Hamilton for the next few weeks.

Employee of the Month

This month, our winning employee is Gillian Brown, our new business paralegal. You can read more about what her colleagues think about Gillian in this edition of Legal EYE.

In the Frame

This month, Stuart Gilmour, our conveyancing clerk is featured and we learn a little bit more about Stuart. You can learn even more by reading Stuart's profile page on our website. Please click here to do that.

Your Questions Answered

Using a mobile phone whilst driving is a criminal offence - but what exactly is meant by using a mobile phone whilst driving.  Kris Buchanan, our experienced Road Traffic Solicitor tackles this question head on.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Legal EYE - May 2016

Legal EYE May 2016

The latest edition of Legal EYE has been published today. You can click here to view the latest edition. In this edition, we feature the following items:

73% of our clients give us 5 stars for service

We've been conducing a review of all our services and are delighted to report that 73% of our clients have awarded us 5 stars for service.Thank you - we're delighted with that and strive to continue to improve. Let us know how you rate us.Just click on our Facebook page give us your score.

Employee of the Month

This month, our winning employee is Muirne Docherty, our administrative assistant. You can read more about what her colleagues think about Muirne in this edition of Legal EYE.

In the Frame

This month, Samm Curivan, our legal secretary is featured and we learn a little bit more about Samm. You can learn even more by reading Samms's profile page on our website. Please click here to do that.

Your Questions Answered

We were recently asked why clients are advised to make "no comment" at a police interview and whether that is the right thing to do. Craig Broadly, our Criminal Defence Solicitor tackles this question head on and gives you all the reasons why this is very good advice.

Property Sales Soar by 18.2%

The latest Quarterly Statistics Report published by the Registers of Scotland reports that the volume of property sales for the January to March 2016 period increased by 18.2% over the same period in 2015.You can read about that and all the rest of the property statistics for this Quarter by clicking here.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Legal EYE - April 2016

The latest edition of Legal EYE has been published today. Can can view Legal EYE in full if you click here.

Winners - "Excellence in Client Care Award"
We are delighted to announce that we received the award for Excellence in Client Care at the recent Law Awards held in Edinburgh. We were up against very stiff competition and are delighted to have come out on top. Congratulations to all members of staff who strive to provide an excellent client experience to all of our clients.

2016 Marie Curie Wills Promotion is a huge success
This years Marie Curie Wills promotion has been a huge success with a large numbers of clients asking us to prepare their Will as part of the promotion. We're not finishing there, however, and if you want to help us to contribute even more to this very worthwhile charity you can still contribute on our Just Giving page. You can access that by clicking here.

Simplifying the Client Journey and Rewarding Loyal Clients
We continually listen to clients and take on board their suggestions and recommendations. We've recently updated our client guides for buying and selling property and have also introduced a new client loyalty scheme. Read the April edition of Legal EYE to find out more. You can access that if you click here.

Employee of the Month
This month's employee of the month is Farrah Mahmood, our trainee Conveyancing Solicitor. Can can find out why Farrah has been successful this month and read what her colleagues and co-workers have to say about her.

In the Frame
In the Frame this month is Melissa McIntyre. Melissa is one of our Conveyancing Solicitors and in this article we find out a little bit more about Melissa and some of the things she likes!

Your Questions Answered
The question this month relates to money - and when you can expect to receive the free proceeds of your sale. Azeem Arshad, our Conveyancing Trainee Solicitor takes you through the process of what happens when we receive payment for your sale, what we have to do and when you can expect to receive the balance that's due to you.

We hope you enjoy this month's edition and, as always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Legal EYE - March 2016 Edition

We've just published the March edition of Legal EYE. To view it in your browser, click here.
In this edition we feature the following items:

Last chance to create your FREE WILL with Marie Curie
We've been running our FREE WILLS campaign in conjunction with Marie Curie and, like all good things, it has to come to an end. But you still have some time. if you contact us before the end of March and if you're over 55 we will prepare your Will for Free. If you already have a Will, isn't it about time you had a review? If you don't yet have a Will, make an appointment now - it's probably the best gift you could ever give to your family.

Louise Kilpatrick - Employee of the Month
We introduce Louise who is this month's Employee of the Month. Louise is the receptionist based in our Hamilton office - a real team player and fun to be around!

We're going for Gold on March 24th
We've been shotlisted as Finalists in the "Excellence In Client Care" category of the Law Awards 2016 and we'll find out on March 24th if we've won. We're excited about this, having won other awards previously at this event. We'll let you know how we get on.

Aseem Arshad - In the Frame
Want to know a little bit more about our Trainee Conveyancing Solicitor, Azeem? We ask him some questions to help you get to know him a little bit better!

Your Questions Answered
This month the question posed is: "What should I do if I move into my property and the central hearing of kitchen appliances are not working?"
Melissa McIntrye, our experienced conveyancing solicitor answers this question for you.

New LBTT Proposals - what to expect
A new 3% Supplementary Charge is about to be introduced in the purchase of a second or subsequent home. Wmma Lawrie, our experienced conveyancing solicitor, discussed the impact this will have on second home owners and buy to let landlords.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Legal EYE - February 2016 edition

We're pleased announce the publication of the February 2016 edition of Legal EYE. To view it click here. in this edition:

Our Director celebrates 15 years at Scullion LAW. Martin is Head of our Property Department which has grown from strength to strength under his leadership.

This month we're again promoting the Marie Curie Free Wills campaign where any person over 55 years of age for whom we prepare a simple Will will not be charged. You can read all the details in Legal EYE or call us now on 01698 283 265 to make an appointment.

We recently attended the Glasgow Bar Association Annual Dinner held in the stunning Grand Central Hotel on 5th February. it was an excellent event and gave our lawyers the change to mingle with their peers in a social setting! You can see all the photos from the event on our Facebook page.

This month we offer our congratulations to Stuart Gilmour, a conveyancing clerk in our busy Property Department. Stuart is popular with clients and colleagues and in voting for him, his colleagues said he was friendly, positive, helpful, willing, kind and eager to learn.

In the Frame this month is solicitor Jason Stark. Jason, who has been with Scullion LAW since 2011, heads up our Criminal Team and was recently promoted to Associate Director.

This month our "Your Questions Answered" feature looks at a question one of our clients sent into us by email. Here's the question:

"I was at the pub last Thursday and got caught in a brawl with my ex girlfriends brother. He kept eyeing me up and bumping into me. He said if he EVER saw me in there again - in HIS pub, then I wouldn't be able to walk out of there cos he would break both my legs. I felt threatened and in defence I pushed him away from me - but he accidentally fell and hit his head off a table edge and is still in Hospital. I didn't mean to cause him any harm and I need legal advice. Please help me…."

You can read the answer in this month's edition of Legal EYE.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Buying or Selling a Home in Scotland - use Scullion LAW

Scotland has it's own legal system and law governing ownership of land and property. We at Scullion LAW can act for the buyer or seller. If you are searching for an experienced team of Property Lawyers to handle your 'Conveyancing' then call us 01698 283 265 or email


Conveyancing – is the process in which solicitors THOROUGHLY check all the information involved in a house purchase or sale - on your behalf. We ask you to place your trust and money, in the hands of  our experienced professionals in return for a bespoke service. 

Often you are paying for a service which you don't fully understand. There is a lot of paperwork involved and our job is to guide you through the whole process (which can often be complex and stressful) and simplify all the details so that you focus on the JOY of moving house.

We want you to feel the money you invest in return for our TIME, CARE and EXPERTISE is exceptional value due to the high levels of service you receive... You can read more about house purchases on the Law Society of Scotland's website. 


The buyer's solicitor makes a written offer to buy and the seller's solicitor accepts it in writing. The Solicitors then exchange letters clarifying the details and conditions of the offer and acceptance. These letters are known as missives. Once everything is agreed the MISSIVES CONCLUDE in a binding contract, which agrees the 'DATE OF ENTRY'. The seller can then not accept a higher offer from someone else. (If the buyer can not fulfil the obligations set out in the missives they may be liable to pay the seller thousands of pounds in damages). Therefore before making an OFFER the buyer must get legal advice and organise their finances to meet the purchase price. Until the missives are concluded, either the buyer or seller can withdraw and walk away without any penalty.


The seller's (estate agent) will provide the potential buyers with a copy of the 'Home Report' normally within 9 days of it being requested. It details the condition of the property and notes any repairs that may be required etc. The buyer should double check all the information with their solicitor (valuation and rebuilding costs) for insurance purposes. If you like the property you should get estimates for completing any of the 'urgent' works prior to putting in an offer. Also consider if you can cope with the upheaval of the repairs and use the feedback to decide what your 'maximum offer' would be.

Surveyors can also provide seller's with a standard mortgage valuation report. So buyer's are encouraged to check that the report is acceptable to their lender. The Home Report must not be any older than 12 weeks when the property goes on the market. It normally includes: council tax band; issues that have affected the property such as storms and fire; alterations; extensions; and details of any notices that affect the property. The Energy Report gives the house an energy efficiency rating which is the basis of running the property. This should include an Energy Performance Certificate. (There are a few exceptions when a Home Report is not necessary - please speak to your solicitor ).


The procedure for buying a new home differs from buying an existing one. The home advertised may not have been built yet and is normally set at a fixed price. It is the builder who normally sets out the conditions on which they are prepared to sell the property so you should get legal advice before you accept their terms/ conditions/ offer because your acceptance is legally binding.


When the missives are concluded and you have agreed a contract with the seller, Scullion LAW will carry out the conveyancing (which is the process of transferring the ownership - title- of a property from the seller to the buyer). Your solicitor will investigate the property and examine the title deeds that applies to the property. They will check the land certificate and deeds to make sure the seller actually owns the property and tell you about any burdens (limitations or legal restrictions) or servitudes (that allow someone to use the land or prevent you making use of it). Your solicitor will also make sure that any existing standard security (mortgage) over the property is paid off when the house is transferred to you.


If you have kids or a partner that relies on your income or if you are part of a family living in a house with a mortgage that you pay - life insurance will provide for them if you die. Click here for details.

Learn all about the different types of mortgage available here and work out your overall buying and moving costs. It will help you work out how much you can afford to borrow for a mortgage.


Have a shop around for various HELP TO BUY schemes available throughout Scotland. You can get lots of information here...

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Legal EYE - January 2016 Edition

The latest edition of Legal EYE has been published, our first edition of 2016. In this edition:

We've been listed in the Law Awards again this year in the category of Excellence in Client Care. We are obviously delighted and are looking forward to the Awards Ceremony and are hoping our efforts in looking after our clients' interests will be rewarded!

Following upon the huge success of last year's support for this very worthwhile charity, we're launching our "Free Wills" scheme at the beginning of February and it'll run right through to the end of March. Anyone making a simple Will will not be charged. You can read all about it in Legal EYE by clicking here.

This month sees Robert Sheridan, Margaret Maguire and Jason Stark celebrate anniversaries with Scullion LAW. you can read about them in Legal EYE or on the Scullion LAW website that you can view here.

Our new In the Frame article this month features Natalie Taylor, a Trainee Solicitor in our dynamic conveyancing department. You can hear about Natalie's likes and dislikes in Legal EYE.

Another new addition to Legal EYE is the "Your Questions Answered" section and this month Emma Lawrie of our award winning Conveyancing Department responds to the question: "What are Missives and when do I sign them?"